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Gregg started hearing of his resemblance to Mr. Eastwood when he was in his 20's, but it wasn't until the early 90's that he stepped into The Role of Clint for the first time, after meeting (Diana Dawn) who was dressed as Marilyn Monroe for a Fashion Show in San Francisco. Diana instantly saw Gregg's resemblance to Clint Eastwood and invited him to join her Cast of Celebrity Look-alikes on the spot.​ Gregg was an instant hit at parties with everyone! And 25 Years later, Gregg is still Making People's Day. Gregg was even given the thumbs up by Mr. Eastwood himself.


This Clint Eastwood Look-Alike & Sound-alike is Available for Appearances!!!

This Clint Eastwood Celebrity Look-alike, not only looks like Clint Eastwood, he also sounds like Clint, and adds the wow factor and the fun factor to any event, the minute he arrives at your event for a walk-about while mingling with your guests, or when he takes the stage and delivers some  of Clint's infamous one-liners, from Clint's Films.

Gregg is The Next Best Thing

to Meeting The REAL Clint!


Step into A World of FUN & Fantasy 

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by Booking This Clint.

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This Clint Eastwood Look-alike

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