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Lasting Impressions of Marilyn & Me!

Diana Dawn meet Joe DiMaggio in 1980 at a Golf Tournament in Marin County, and he was one of the first people to recognize that Diana Dawn not only had Norma Jean's look (aka Marilyn Monroe) but that she also had her spirit. After Meeting Joe DiMaggio, his friends, and other people she met over the years, who pointed out her resemblance to MM, along with their encouragement, gave Diana the confidence she needed to enter a Marilyn Monroe Look-alike Contest in 1986.


Diana Dawn stepped into The Role of Marilyn for the first time on June 1st of 1986. 

It was a local Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest that Diana Dawn was encouraged to enter, in June of 1986, that changed the course of her life for the next 27 years.  The Contest turned out to be an extremely positive experience for Diana, and because of that event people started requesting her to appear at their special events everywhere, wanting her to come and sing "Happy Birthday" to their Husbands, their Bosses, Presidents of Companies, Etc., which ended up turning into a 27 year long career of her Performing On Stage as Marilyn Monroe, and for Special Events, plus Traveling out of The Country for Special Appearances. 


Lasting Impressions of MARILYN & More!

Diana Dawn is known not only for her incredible portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, but for also having a keen eye for discovering New Talent which lead her to starting her own Celebrity Look-alike Company and Taking on The Role of a Talent Coordinator on January 1st 1990 - calling her Company "Lasting Impressions of Marilyn & More!" It was a thrilling time for her and she ended up Representing The Top 100 Celebrity Look-alikes & Tribute Artists in The Bay Area & Beyond for over a decade.


Diana was proud to have not only worked with some of The Best Celebrity Look-alikes in the business, which also included Political Look-alikes, but she also really enjoyed Discovering, Developing and Grooming New Talent for success, Teaching them The Ropes of The Business, Helping them with Stage Presence, Stage Direction, Vocal-Skills, Acting, Scripting, Costuming, Hair & Make-up Tips, as well as Coaching them on ways to Improve their Characters Mannerisms & Movements. 


Diana said that Collaborating with Artists & Entertainers is something that she always loved to do.  Her business was well respected, and her clientele was growing fast, for the 90's, and her career seemed to be on track with her goals and her dreams. So many wonderful opportunities were coming her way, for herself and for her Cast of LIM STARS, and her life was full of excitement. However in September of 2001 when 9/11 hit, everything came to a crashing halt with her entertainment business, and everything changed, forcing her to close the doors to her entertainment business and pursue other interests for awhile.


The Blonde & Blue Tribute Show...

In October of 2005, Diana meet Rick, a talented Sinatra Tribute Singer who was performing at The Mill Valley Film Festival, and encouraged her to step back into The Role of Marilyn again, Rick's enthusiasm reignited her spirits and her love of performing, and soon after that they created a Tribute Show together called "Blonde & Blue". Diana enjoyed performing as a Duo, and writing the comedy skits for their Shows. They performed at Private Parties and local Performing Arts Theaters around The Bay Area for a few years, but the final curtain came down on their Show a few years later when he moved to England. 


Some Like It Hot! Radio Show...

When one curtain closes, another one opens, and on March 30th of 2009, Diana Dawn was given an exciting opportunity to Host & Produce her own Radio Show in Sonoma Valley, for a fun weekly Show that she called "Some Like It Hot!"  Paying Tribute To Old Hollywood & Celebrating The New! Her Show was filled with Celebrity Interviews, with Film Directors, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Authors & a lot of local Flavor. Diana had a phenomenal Five year run, but after moving out of town in December of 2013 she decided to let go of her Radio Show on January 14th 2014. 


My Life as MARILYN; "The 27 Year Itch"

On June 1st. of 2013, Diana Dawn announced her official Good Bye to Norma Jean and her Glamorous Career as a Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist. As much as Diana enjoyed her Life as Marilyn, she felt that the thrill was gone and it was time to move on, so she hung up her blonde wig to pursue other interests. One of those interests was writing a book about her life as a Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist, since friends & fans had been encouraging Diana to write a book about her unique Life as MARILYN for years, and she too had flirted with the idea of writing her autobiography, calling it "My Life as Marilyn; The 27 Year Itch"


Her Book My Life as MARILYN; "The 27 Year Itch" has been put on-hold for now, but she hopes to pick it back up again off the shelf one day and complete it, and when that day comes, it will include numerous highlights of her Marilyn Monroe Career, like the time she met baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, who was once married to Marilyn Monroe, as well as the time she met the incredibly handsome Actor; Tony Curtis, who Co-Starred with Marilyn Monroe in The Film "Some Like it Hot!" Plus dozens of other memorable events, that took place during her 27 year career, while traveling around The Bay Area & Beyond making appearances as Marilyn Monroe.


From Past Performances!!!

(Appearance Dates 1986 thru 2010)

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