Lasting Impressions of Marilyn & Me!

Marilyn Monroe was once quoted as saying that

"Imitation is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery"


Diana Dawn ~ is a Former Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist (aka MM Tribute Act)  

who performed on stages throughout The Bay Area & Beyond for 27 years.

Diana Dawn had the opportunity to meet Joe DiMaggio, Tony Curtis, & other people who knew Marilyn personally, and who all felt that Diana Dawn had Marilyn Monroe's beautiful spirit, presence, looks, charm, wit & talent.


Premiere Magazine, an American and New York City based film magazine, held a Nationwide Contest in the early 90's, in search of someone who possessed Marilyn Monroe's Mystique, and they chose "Diana Dawn" as Their Grand Prize Winner. 

 Memorable Moments of Diana Dawn as Marilyn Monroe  

Diana Dawn poses in front of Marilyn's Home in Brentwood, CA
And is seen wearing some of Marilyn's original gowns...

Diana Dawn is pictured with Roger Richman (to the left)

Roger was the original Founder and The President of

The Marilyn Monroe Estate, which protected her image.


Roger felt Diana Dawn represented Marilyn Monroe with Class

and had her sweet presence that the public had come to know

and love, and he recommended her to his Clients, for print work

and promotional events worldwide.

Diana made a lot of memorable appearances during her 27 year Career as Marilyn.  Pictured below, is one of those extra special appearances she made for a private event in San Francisco, showcasing some of Marilyn Monroe's infamous Gowns, where

she had the opportunity to model some of them, and was thrilled to find out that they all magically fit her like a glove.

These are some of Diana's Appearances... Pictured above with Johnny as "ELVIS Presley" for one of their Stage Show Performances.


Pictured with Gregg as Clint Eastwood to the right. And with Lucas Film aka "I.L.M. Studios" Special Effects Oscar Winner "Dennis Muren" 


My Life as Marilyn; The 27 Year Itch

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