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    Talent & Promotions

    In The Business of Making Lasting Impressions!

    We Provide Talent for Special Events!

    Located in The Heart of Sonoma County

    Talent & Talent Coordinator

    DD DiAngelo is a former Radio Host & Entertainer, with 30 years of experience working in The Entertainment Industry, Performing On Stage & doing Promotional Events.

    ​Our Brand Ambassador Services Include:

    Serving Sonoma County with a SMILE!

    Creating Brand Awareness in Stores

    Special Events & Misc. Venues

    Introducing Products to New Customers

    & Generating Sales for Clients.

    Outgoing, Friendly, & Fun Personality! 


    Experienced & Certified (A Food Handlers Permit)


    Promoting A Variety of Brands in The Beauty & Food Industry

    (Focusing on Brands that are Organic, Non-GMO & Cruelty Free)

    Contact Us  for Promotional Support and

    To Make a Lasting Impression at Your Next Demo Event!

    We aim to please our Clients, and Customers alike, by creating Lasting Impressions at every event, by offering a Fun Service, building positive relationships, and always aiming for a win-win solution in every situation with all parties best interests in mind.​

    Please be aware that any and all photographic images on this page, as well as any, print, text, audio recordings, or video footage, that are posted on our website, may not be copied, or used without the consent and written permission of D.D. DiAngelo.


    Thank you for visiting our website and please be sure to contact us link with any questions.  Contact Us!


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