The Marilyn Collection


Hi, I'm Diana Dawn, a former Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist, who performed thru-out The San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond for 27 years. I stepped into the role of Marilyn Monroe for the first time in The Summer of 1986 and started collecting Marilyn memorabilia ever since. 


The dresses I'm wearing were once worn by Marilyn Monroe. I had the opportunity to slip into and model several of her infamous gowns at a special event and to my surprise they all magically fit me like a glove.


During my career as a Marilyn Monroe Tribute performer, I acquired alot of Marilyn inspired gowns, some were made especially for me, and I plan to sell most of my costumes, some with matching gloves & purses, plus I'll be selling some of my costume jewelry too.


I started My Marilyn Monroe Collection back in the early 80's, around the time that I met Joe DiMaggio, which is when Joe and other people started telling me that I looked like Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe.


I also started writing a book about My Life as Marilyn, and one day I'll share some of the fun stories about my career and the incredible people I met along the way.


My Collection includes Marilyn Merlot Wine Bottles, Magazines, Books, Prints, Posters, Pins, Calendars, Clothes, Jewelry, and so much more! 

Enjoy! xo's DD as MM 


~ Marilyn Merlot Wine ~

I have some very rare wine bottle labels &

MM collectable Wine Bottles for Sale...

$3,000.00 & Under


These Bottles are not intended for consumption, however you must be 21 years old in order

to purchase any of the wine bottles. 

Heading 5
I'm selling some of My Marilyn Collection, including Magazines, Books, Calendars, Tear-Sheets, Photos, Postcards, Photo Copies, Photo Re-Prints, Pins, Posters, Wall Art, Paintings, Puzzles, Cups, Plates, Jewelry, Wine Bottles, Wine Bottle Labels,
and other fun items that are sure to delight Marilyn Monroe Fans everywhere who are looking for unique gifts and special Hollywood treasures.
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