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Former Radio Show Host "Diana Dawn" on Sonoma Sun FM (91.3 KSVY Sonoma) 
Paying Tribute to Old Hollywood & Celebrating The New!

The Airwaves Heated up every Tuesday Night with A Variety of Artists & Entertainers who came on The Show.  Including; Famous Celebrities, Filmmakers, Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Actors, Authors, Tribute Artists, and alot of Local Flavor. 

Show Guests Included: Entertainer; Michael Feinstein, Concert Pianist & Hollywood Historian; Richard Glazier, Multi-Grammy Winner & Music Producer Narada Michael Walden, Dean Martin's Daughter "Deana Martin". Plus; Actress; Charlotte Stewart, The Lovely Ladies of "Little House on The Prairie" and a long list of other incredibly talented and entertaining people.

Crooning Tunes Tuesdays was always a Big Hit with The Music of Harry Connick Jr., Dean Martin
and other Great Artists alike.  (Listen to Diana Dawn Interview Deana Martin & Charlotte Stewart) 
Diana Dawn's Interview with Deana Martin
In Celebration of Marilyn Monroe's Birthday and the famous men in her life. Deana shares fun Memories of her Dad & "Marilyn Monroe".
Deana Martin ~ In The Spotlight!
Deana Martin is an American singer, actress, performer and the proud daughter of iconic entertainer, Dean Martin who was known as "The King of Cool". Deana feels that she was born to follow in her fathers footsteps, and has made a name for herself over the years singing her dad's famous Songs.
Dean Martin is best known for his days as a member of the infamous Rat Pack, performing with Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr. He hosted a TV Variety Show, The Dean Martin Roasts, and starred in numerous Comedy Films with Jerry Lewis.
Dean co-starred in a film with Marilyn Monroe, that would be her last and was never completed, called: "Somethings Got To Give!"
Deana Martin is pictured with Dean, in one of her first singing appearances on her Dad's TV Variety Show.
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Charlotte Stewart ~ In The Spotlight!
Charlotte Stewart joined Diana Dawn on her Radio Show as a guest and as a co-host on at least a dozen occasions during Diana's (5) year run on Sun FM.
Charlotte Stewart is best known for portraying the role of beloved school-teacher "Miss Beadle" in the popular television series Little House on the Prairie. She was with the show from 1974 - 1978.
Charlotte has worked with controversial film-maker David Lynch on a few occasions, in the cult classic Ereaserhead (1977) and on The TV series Twin Peaks (1990) and in The Return of Twin Peaks in 2018. 

Charlotte has been in over 100 Films & Television Series. Including 
a Role with Elvis Presley in The Film "Speedway".
Charlotte recently published her autobiography "Little House in The Hollywood Hills". A Bad Girl's Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X,
and Me!

Here's a Special Interview that Diana Dawn & Charlotte Stewart did together on (Sept. 9th 2013) with two other Lovely Ladies from "Little House on The Prairie".  Alison Arngrim who played "Nellie Oleson" aka "Nasty Nellie" and Karen Grassle who played "Caroline Ingalls" the wife of Charles Ingalls, who was played by Michael Landon.

Click the link to Listen to The Interview on Sonoma TV's YouTube Channel ~ 

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