Client Comments & Reviews

Lasting Impressions of Diana Dawn as MARILYN & More!

Here is what people are saying about Diana as Marilyn...

(All Reviews below are from past Appearances made during ~ 1986 thru 2010)


"Thank you so much for helping make The Presidents birthday a success!"

Pixar Animation Studios -




"Thank you so much for your help with the "Shake, Wag "n" Roll" event.
"Your special appearance as Marilyn really was wonderful.
You were quite the hit attraction of our show."

Bella B. , American Cancer Society




"Because of you, our Hollywood Party was a GREAT SUCCESS,
in fact, everyone is still talking about your performance. It was fabulous!
It was breathtaking to see Marilyn right before our eyes."

Akiko Noguchi, Glamour Shots




"Thank you for the FANTASTIC job you did for us "Star Struck Goes To The Movies."
Your Marilyn was truly classic and everyone was completely impressed by your talent
and your great sense of humor. It's because of such talented and generous people
such as yourself, that not only makes life fun, but truly magical."

Richard Miami, Domaine Chandon & The Napa County Arts Council




"I really appreciate your performance at Mike Foxs' Birthday.
I heard RAVES!"

Tod Levy - Event Associates




"The "walk-abouts" you provided were the perfect touch to the event,
You were a BIG HIT!"

Shiela Graves - Notable Talent




"Everyone agrees, you were one of the BIG hits of the evening."

Len Wood, Santa Barbara News Press




"Thank you for sharing your wonderful look-alikes with us for our 50's party.
They were all fabulous and really helped make the event a great success."

Tony & Elaine La Russa, A.R.F.




"Because of your participation, the Grand Opening was a rousing success,
welcoming this unique addition to San Francisco in a distinctive fashion.

Herb Cane was not alone in his thoughts calling the party a triump,
and your impersonators helped make it just that."

Bill Lanese Advertising & PR Firm,
Hotel Triton, Kimko Hotel, & Restaurant Management Company



"The evening of Stars Gala was enhanced so much by your very unique contribution.
We have heard many positive comments about the entertainers you provided.
Thank you for adding that "Hollywood Look" to our party."

Academy of Friends, Carey Craig




"Thank you for developing some dynamite voice mail messages,
we couldn't have asked for better impersonators for the "Hot Stuff Program".
Our client was extremely pleased and applauds all the talent of Lasting Impressions."

Henrietta Pepper, Price Webber



"Thank you for doing such a fantastic job! You were wonderful as Mae and incredible as Marilyn.
I just couldn't get over the gestures and your expressions and what you were doing. That mouth thing was so perfect!

And of course your Clint Eastwood, W.C. Fields, Michelle Pfeiffer and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Everybody just loved it...  We've been hearing Raves all day.
I can't thank you enough. BRAVO!

Barry R. of The Nob Hill Gazette


You were SO GREAT!!!   


You were SO GREAT!!!  Everyone is talking about you.  You were definitely the hit of the party.  
Your tour of the room was so good,  you are "very quick on your feet" and had all the right comments.

Thank you so much for making this party such a wonderful memory for us all.  
I wish you much success in your professional and personal life.

Thanks again, Janet  Welcome

Blackhawk Auto Museum Event - November 10th, 2006



Bay Area Music Producer & Musician "Narada Michael Walden"

Compliments Diana Dawn with having Marilyn Monroe's Beautiful Spirit.


Real STAR Material!

Legendary Comedian "Jackie Mason" Compliments Diana Dawn with being Witty, Bright, Talented,

Possessing Marilyn's Looks & Charm, and having Real STAR Material! After seeing her perform as Marilyn.

The Bay Area Guardian - San Francisco Gala Event


Jan Wahl 

Compliments Diana with being a fabulous Marilyn Monroe Impersonator.

Celebrity TV Host - Film Critic & Reviews on KRON4-TV



News Highlights from The SF OSCAR Party was seen on KRON4 TV

while Diana Dawn as Marilyn Monroe made her grand entrance on the red carpet.


Diana Dawn IS Marilyn Monroe!

I have had the pleasure of working with Diana in many situations, from private cocktail parties, to yacht clubs

and elegant Theatre engagements. At each event people immediately react to her as if she is Marilyn Monroe.

I have seen it happen in the most intimate situations as well as in parades of tens of thousands of people.

More than a mere impression, Diana has the looks, voice, mannerisms quick wit, charm, singing style and sex appeal,
that are all in such perfect harmony with what peoples image is of Marilyn, that the moment Diana steps into the
character of Marilyn they feel as though they are witnessing something magical. Diana's presence is so reminiscent

of the legendary star, that some people have said that Marilyn's spirit is shining through Diana. Diana's talents are

matched by no-one else! She truly is the icing on the cake at every event she appears at and has been a slice of

heaven to work with. I look forward to sharing the stage with her again.

Rick Ellis - Sinatra Tribute Act


Slipping into Marilyn Monroe's Gowns

Diana Dawn was hired to appear at a Special Charity Event & Fashion Show that showcased some of Marilyn

Monroe's personal wardrobe collection, along with some of her other gowns she made famous in various films.

Diana was asked to model them and was thrilled to discover they all magically fit Diana like a glove...


(Click Here to See Diana Dawn is pictured wearing one of Marilyn Monroe's gowns)



Dear Diana, Thank you again for your fabulous performance at Las Trampas' "What's In Our Hat?"

event on April 27, 2008. I continue to receive comments about how great the event was and how much fun it was

to have Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and what great performers you both were. You made the event a huge success!

Thank you again. Please feel free to utilized me as a reference in the future. I would be happy to help.

Thanks again, Bonnie Peacock - Development Director, Las Trampas, Inc.
Celebrating 50 years of making a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities



As a member of the Board of Directors for Las Trampas, Inc. (LTI), I wanted to thank you for making our

"Rock Around The Clock" fundraiser a memorable event. You and Elvis were a hit! I've attached several

photos of you with the Channel 2 News Reporter and the Diablo Valley 92.1 Radio Announcer.

Warm regards, Chef Garbo - Healthy Meals for Busy People! - Garbo's Personal Chef Service


You and “Dean Martin” were terrific!  

You and “Dean Martin” were terrific! My husband, Nick, has yet to wash his face!! Everyone enjoyed your performance

and I appreciate your getting Chris to fill in for Rick! Take care and thanks again, you were both wonderful!!  Mary 

Wow, what a great party Saturday night.  I really appreciate all your efforts and adding to our successful event.  

THANKS!!! Sharon Somogyi - Development Director - Boys & Girls Clubs of Napa Valley



Marilyn Merlot ~ Sweet as Wine

As the author of the play, I specifically wrote the role of "Marilyn Merlot" for Diana Dawn after working with her at other events.  Diana was certainly the standout in the cast, not only playing the role of Marilyn Merlot to the "T",

but also singing "Diamonds are Girls Best Friend" as "Marilyn" during the pre-dinner wine tasting.  


The guests raved about her performance. Although new to the murder mystery scene,

Diana was a natural and the guests and cast alike hope to see her in future shows around the North Bay.

Dan Monez - Producer/Writer/Director - "Murder Under the Gables"

Feb. 18th 2009 Dreamweavers Theatre Inc. Napa, Ca.


Is Your Engine Running? Mine is!

Thanks Diana.  We got some great pictures of you as Marilyn with our guests.

The ones in the car turned out great. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performance!

All my best, Karen (May 2009)



Friday Night Flicks!

Thank you for all of your time, talent and boundless energy, you truly made last Friday Night Flick

a great kickoff for 2008.  I want to send you the story printed in the Vallejo Times - Herald.

Again, and big & deep thank you and I am sure we will work together in the future.

Sincerely, Richard Miami - Film & Performance Manager
707.265.5930 (tel) -



You were a hit last nite!


You were a hit last nite! Thanks for coming on... lots of viewers last nite (I could feel it!)

You really do a great job and fulfilled one of my life long fantasies too!...

I know I will be getting feedback for the weeks to come!

keep in touch and Happy Valentines Day Marilyn!!  



WOW-ing The Crowd!

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of you for working with the Hilton San Francisco for our Owners Summit. Because of your hard work and commitment, our events for the past two days came together just that much better. Talk about really wow-ing the crowd! Thank you for being so available when adjustments were needed.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with all of you. And I know I did not have the opportunity

to say good bye and thank each of you last night, but overall our hotel staff and owners were very pleased.  
We will continue to think of you for future events. Thank you again, and best of luck with all your work!

Krystal R. Kiremit - Event Services Assistant - HILTON SAN FRANCISCO



Here are some additional Celebrity Look-alike Appearances!!!

(All Appearances Listed on this page were made between 1986 to 2010)



Including; TV Shows, Games Shows, Stage Shows, TV Commercials, Print Ads, Cruise Lines, Film Festivals & More!


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - My Prince Charles Lookalike appeared (6) times on the show doing Various Skits.


Interviews on Various TV Shows - Entertainment Tonight - Access Hollywood - Evening Magazine, & More! 

TV Game Show Celebrity Look-alike Appearances - Hollywood Squares - The Weakest Link, 30 Seconds to FAME! 

TV Sitcoms & Comedy Shows - Everyone Loves Raymond (TV Show), Saturday Night Live (SNL News Update Skit)

Las Vegas Shows - The Real Bette Midler hired (4) of our Celebrity Look-alikes for her New Years Eve Millennium Show.

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